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What’s Happening: To the shock of many NY Democrats, a Republican won a congressional seat by a large margin. Chris Jacobs beat Nate McMu...

After GOP Wins Landslide Special Election – New York Democrat Says He Refuses To Concede, Wants Absentees Counted

What’s Happening:
To the shock of many NY Democrats, a Republican won a congressional seat by a large margin. Chris Jacobs beat Nate McMurray for the NY-27 congressional special election by 69%-30%. That huge difference was enough for Jacobs to declare victory.
But Democrat McMurray is refusing to admit defeat, demanding that absentee ballots be counted:
Although absentee ballots won’t begin to be calculated for another week at the earliest, Republican Chris Jacobs declared victory over Democrat Nate McMurray in the NY-27 congressional special election…
McMurray released a statement shortly after midnight saying that he would not be conceding until the absentee ballots were counted.
 According to Jacobs, it would be “mathematically impossible” for the results of the election to change with absentee ballots. Yet the Democrat is refusing to concede, despite suffering a monumental loss.
Our Take:
Some suggest this is an omen of things to come. Democrats might refuse to concede in November, without a recount or use of mail-in ballots—even ballots that come in past the deadline.
President Trump has warned that mail-in ballots might be used to commit voter fraud in the election.
What is most telling is the large margin this Republican won by. It wasn’t a “squeaker” by any measure. This might be a bigger sign of things to come, as Americans across the country are growing mistrustful and resentful toward the Democratic Party.

Democrats forced heavy lockdown restrictions on law-abiding citizens (while releasing criminals from jail). They also sat back and let rioters burn their cities. This election might be a referendum on how Democrats run the country when given power.
McMurray’s unwillingness to concede, in the face of a clear Republican victory, suggests the Democrat is unwilling to accept the results of a fair and open election. He seems to be doing exactly what Democrats are worried Trump might do.
Instead of acknowledging his loss, he appears to be clawing at straws. He will not concede without kicking and screaming.
This comes as no surprise. Hillary Clinton accused Donald Trump of not accepting the results of the 2016 election if he should lose. But it was Clinton who refused to admit defeat on Election Night—opting to concede a day later.
McMurray is continuing the left’s tradition of balking at democracy when it doesn’t work out as they planned.

Key Takeaways:

  • A Republican won by 69-30 in a New York special election.
  • The Democrat refuses to concede defeat, claiming absentee ballots must be counted.
  • Some worry this scheme might be pulled by Democrats in November.
Source: Rochester First

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